Transcript – Opening remarks for DWPride 2017

Good afternoon! I’m Dan Tanham and I’m a deputy director at DWP Digital.

Before we get going today, Shelley’s asked me to say a few words. I’d like to use that opportunity to pass on some advice someone once gave me – I promise it’ll make you feel good.

Just take a second to do two things: smile. And look around. Isn’t that nice!

I could almost leave things there. You are all amazing. I’ve no doubt you’re amazing individuals, at work and at home, but I think you’re especially amazing today for taking the time to come here and be part of something bigger and special.

This is civilisation. Coming together to solve hard problems is really what it’s all about. If we’d never worked this out we’d be beating each other around the heads with rocks for the best cave. (In some ways we still are…).

But I think you all already know this. Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand, in fact I’d go further and say you cannot have one without the other. And I don’t – I really don’t – think it’s too much of a step further to say that today, here (in Yorkshire!), we represent the very pinnacle of civilisation.

Some shout outs:

Creating Inclusive Cultures – born in Leeds with the support of Leeds Council and several commercial partners and now succesfully operating in Manchester and Birmingham is making sure businesses have access to the knowledge and tools they need to build inclusive and diverse cultures.

Our very own Shelley Hardman and Rachel Poole have been nominated for the Civil Service’s diversity and inclusion award for this – the Yorkshire and Humber LGBT* network, now the largest regional network we have.

I’d like to wrap up there by saying an enormous thank you from the Civil Service and to recommend that you spend time today applying balm to the soul by doing two things: smiling and looking around you.

Thank you and enjoy today!